Glen Saint Mary Nurseries Company is a grower of containerized woody ornamentals. We proudly supply garden centers, landscapers, and the re-wholesale distributors with the best plant material and prices available.


We have had the honor of doing business in the horticultral industry for the past one-hundred twenty-seven years and counting. From our very humble beginning as a small citrus grower to our current supply of container grown ornamentals, we have always believed in growing and selling only the highest quality plant material.


We are now specializing in the growing of Bamboo, Cephalotaxus, and Palm varieties which you can find in our ‘Specialty Plants’ section. Glen Saint Mary Nurseries has also had the privilege of introducing a number of plants into the industry, most notably the George L. Taber Azalea. You can find the Taber Azalea as well as others in the “Our Introductions’ section.


Our dedicated staff invite and encourage you to spend some time browsing our web site. We truly believe that you will find everything you need as well as enjoy your visit with us.